CRAN Updated Packages (2010-02-16)

Yesterday's Updated packages

CRAN - Package BioPhysConnectoR

CRAN - Package bifactorial
Inferences for bi- and trifactorial trial designs

CRAN - Package farmR
Mixed Integer model of Arable Farms

CRAN - Package Guerry

CRAN - Package grImport
Importing Vector Graphics

CRAN - Package ic50
Standardized high-throughput evaluation of cell-based compound screens

CRAN - Package MVpower
Give power for a given effect size using multivariate classification methods

CRAN - Package mixlow
mixlow method for assessing drug synergism

CRAN - Package PCIT
PCIT algorithm - Partial Correlation Coefficient with Information Theory

CRAN - Package pamctdp
Principal Axes Methods for Contingency Tables with Partition Structures on Rows and Columns

A Program to Estimate Animal Abundance and Density using Spatially-Explicit Capture-Recapture

CRAN - Package strucchange
Testing, Monitoring and Dating Structural Changes