CRAN Updated Packages (2010-02-27 - 2010-03-05)

Updated packages

CRAN - Package AquaEnv
AquaEnv - an integrated development toolbox for aquatic chemical model generation

CRAN - Package apcluster
Affinity Propagation Clustering

CRAN - Package BLCOP
Black-Litterman and copula-opinion pooling frameworks

CRAN - Package BioPhysConnectoR

CRAN - Package BoolNet
Generation, reconstruction, simulation and analysis of synchronous, asynchronous, and probabilistic Boolean networks

CRAN - Package bio.infer
Predict environmental conditions from biological observations

CRAN - Package caGUI
A Tcl/Tk GUI for the functions in the ca package

CRAN - Package caret
Classification and Regression Training

CRAN - Package chemometrics
Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics

CRAN - Package compHclust
Complementary Hierarchical Clustering

CRAN - Package countrycode
Create and manipulate data frames that contain country names or country coding schemes

CRAN - Package cshapes
CShapes Dataset and Utilities

CRAN - Package DEoptim
Global optimization by differential evolution

CRAN - Package DescribeDisplay
R interface to DescribeDisplay (GGobi plugin)

CRAN - Package DistributionUtils
Distribution Utilities

CRAN - Package dplR
Dendrochronology Program Library in R

CRAN - Package e1071
Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics (e1071), TU Wien

CRAN - Package eha
Event History Analysis

CRAN - Package epitools
Epidemiology Tools

CRAN - Package estout
Estimates Output

CRAN - Package extracat
Graphic Extensions for Categorical Data

CRAN - Package forensim
Statistical tools for the interpretation of forensic DNA mixtures

CRAN - Package GeneralizedHyperbolic
The generalized hyperbolic distribution

CRAN - Package gRapHD
Efficient selection of undirected graphical models for high-dimensional datasets

CRAN - Package gRbase
A package for graphical modelling in R

CRAN - Package gWidgetstcltk
Toolkit implementation of gWidgets for tcltk package

CRAN - Package gcExplorer
Graphical Cluster Explorer

CRAN - Package ggplot2
An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics

CRAN - Package integrativeME
integrative mixture of experts

CRAN - Package ipw
Estimate inverse probability weights

CRAN - Package kml
K-Means for Longitudinal Data (KmL)

CRAN - Package lokern
Kernel Regression Smoothing with Local or Global Plug-in Bandwidth

CRAN - Package MAc
Meta-Analysis with Correlations

CRAN - Package mboost
Model-Based Boosting

CRAN - Package mvpart
Multivariate partitioning

CRAN - Package ncvreg
Regularization paths for SCAD- and MCP-penalized regression models

CRAN - Package noia
Implementation of the Natural and Orthogonal InterAction (NOIA) model

CRAN - Package nor1mix
Normal (1-d) Mixture Models (S3 Classes and Methods)

CRAN - Package oro.dicom
Rigorous - DICOM Input / Output

CRAN - Package oro.nifti
Rigorous - NIfTI Input / Output

CRAN - Package party
A Laboratory for Recursive Partytioning

CRAN - Package penalized
L1 (lasso) and L2 (ridge) penalized estimation in GLMs and in the Cox model

CRAN - Package picante
R tools for integrating phylogenies and ecology

CRAN - Package qpcR
Modelling and analysis of real-time PCR data

CRAN - Package RcmdrPlugin.MAc
Meta-Analysis with Correlations (MAc) Rcmdr Plug-in

CRAN - Package Rsolnp
General Non-linear Optimization

CRAN - Package r2lh
R to LaTeX and HTML)

CRAN - Package
A Parallel Analysis With Polychoric Correlation Matrices

CRAN - Package rattle
A graphical user interface for data mining in R using Gnome

CRAN - Package reporttools
Generate LaTeX tables of descriptive statistics

CRAN - Package SkewHyperbolic
The Skew Hyperbolic Student t-distribution

CRAN - Package SweaveListingUtils
Utilities for Sweave together with TeX listings package

CRAN - Package sandwich
Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators

CRAN - Package saws
Small-Sample Adjustments for Wald tests Using Sandwich Estimators

CRAN - Package sdef
Synthesizing List of Differentially Expressed Features

CRAN - Package seacarb
Calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system

CRAN - Package season
Seasonal analysis of health data

CRAN - Package seqinr
Biological Sequences Retrieval and Analysis

CRAN - Package signal
Signal processing

CRAN - Package snowfall
Easier cluster computing (based on snow)

CRAN - Package TeachingDemos
Demonstrations for teaching and learning

CRAN - Package TreeRank

CRAN - Package tmvtnorm
Truncated Multivariate Normal and Student t Distribution

CRAN - Package trio
Processing and Simulating Genotype Data for Trio Logic Regression

CRAN - Package ttrTests
Standard Backtests for Technical Trading Rules in Financial Data

CRAN - Package unmarked
Models for Data from Unmarked Animals

CRAN - Package VarianceGamma
The Variance Gamma Distribution

CRAN - Package VizCompX
Visualisation of Computer Models

CRAN - Package vars
VAR Modelling

CRAN - Package vcdExtra
vcd additions

CRAN - Package WMBrukerParser
William and Mary Parser For Bruker-Ultraflex Mass Spec Data