CRAN Updated Packages (2010-03-13 - 2010-03-19)

Updated packages

CRAN - Package agilp
Extracting and preprocessing Agilent express arrays

CRAN - Package apTreeshape
Analyses of Phylogenetic Treeshape

CRAN - Package apcluster
Affinity Propagation Clustering

CRAN - Package apsrtable
apsrtable model-output formatter for social science

CRAN - Package aroma.light
Light-weight methods for normalization and visualization of microarray data using only basic R data types

CRAN - Package arules
Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets

CRAN - Package asbio
A collection of statistical tools for biologists

CRAN - Package BayesPanel
Bayesian Methods for Panel Data Modeling and Inference

CRAN - Package BradleyTerry2
Bradley-Terry models

CRAN - Package binhf
Haar-Fisz functions for binomial data

CRAN - Package bipartite
Visualising bipartite networks and calculating some ecological indices

CRAN - Package CADStat
Provides a GUI to several statistical methods useful for causal assessment

CRAN - Package CoCo
Graphical modelling by log-linear models (an interface from R to CoCo)

CRAN - Package CoCoCg
Graphical modelling by CG regressions

CRAN - Package CoCoGraph
Interactive and dynamic graphs for the CoCo objects

CRAN - Package caret
Classification and Regression Training

CRAN - Package chron
Chronological objects which can handle dates and times

CRAN - Package coda
Output analysis and diagnostics for MCMC

CRAN - Package copula
Multivariate dependence with copulas

CRAN - Package crosshybDetector
Detection of cross-hybridization events in microarray experiments

CRAN - Package cthresh
Complex Wavelet Denoising software

CRAN - Package DPpackage
Bayesian Nonparametric and Semiparametric Analysis

CRAN - Package dplR
Dendrochronology Program Library in R

CRAN - Package expectreg
Expectile Regression

CRAN - Package FNN
Fast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorighms and Applications

CRAN - Package fds
Functional data sets

CRAN - Package frontier
Stochastic Frontier Analysis

CRAN - Package ftsa
Functional time series analysis

CRAN - Package gWidgetsRGtk2
Toolkit implementation of gWidgets for RGtk2

CRAN - Package glmmAK
Generalized Linear Mixed Models

CRAN - Package gsubfn
Utilities for strings and function arguments

CRAN - Package HistData
Data sets from the history of statistics and data visualization

CRAN - Package haarfisz
Software to perform Haar Fisz transforms

CRAN - Package hwriter
HTML Writer - Outputs R objects in HTML format

CRAN - Package IFP
Identifying functional polymorphisms in genetic association studies

CRAN - Package JM
Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data

CRAN - Package lossDev
Robust Loss Development Using MCMC

CRAN - Package ltm
Latent Trait Models under IRT

CRAN - Package MAc
Meta-Analysis with Correlations

CRAN - Package MAd
Meta-Analysis with Mean Differences

CRAN - Package ModelGood
Validation of prediction models

CRAN - Package MplusAutomation
Automating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation

CRAN - Package memisc
Tools for Management of Survey Data, Graphics, Programming, Statistics, and Simulation

CRAN - Package micEcon
Microeconomic Analysis and Modelling

CRAN - Package micEconAids
Demand Analysis with the Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS)

CRAN - Package micEconCES
Analysis with the Constant Elasticity of Scale (CES) function

CRAN - Package micEconSNQP
Symmetric Normalized Quadratic Profit Function

CRAN - Package miscTools
Miscellanneous Tools and Utilities

CRAN - Package NMF
Algorithms and framework for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF)

CRAN - Package NORMT3
Evaluates complex erf, erfc, Faddeeva, and density of sum of Gaussian and Student's t

CRAN - Package PropCIs
Computes confidence intervals for proportions, differences in proportions, an odds-ratio and the relative risk in a 2x2 table

CRAN - Package pcalg
Estimation of CPDAG/PAG and causal inference using the IDA algorithm

CRAN - Package phangorn
Phylogenetic analysis in R

CRAN - Package png
Read and write PNG images

CRAN - Package R.cache
Fast and light-weight caching of objects

CRAN - Package R.methodsS3
Utility function for defining S3 methods

CRAN - Package R.oo
R object-oriented programming with or without references

CRAN - Package RSiena
Siena - Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis

CRAN - Package RSurvey
Analysis of Spatially Distributed Data

CRAN - Package RcmdrPlugin.MAc
Meta-Analysis with Correlations (MAc) Rcmdr Plug-in

CRAN - Package RcmdrPlugin.MAd
Meta-Analysis with Mean Differences (MAd) Rcmdr Plug-in

CRAN - Package Rcpp
Rcpp R/C++ interface package

CRAN - Package RobAStBase
Robust Asymptotic Statistics

CRAN - Package rJava
Low-level R to Java interface

CRAN - Package rainbow
Rainbow plots, bagplots and boxplots for functional data

CRAN - Package rangeMapper
A package to manipulate species range (extent-of-occurrence) maps

CRAN - Package raster
Geographic analysis and modeling with raster data

CRAN - Package rredis
Redis client for R

CRAN - Package samplesize
a collection of sample size functions

CRAN - Package seewave
Time wave analysis and graphical representation

CRAN - Package sem
Structural Equation Models

CRAN - Package sendplot
Tool for sending interactive plots with tool-tip content

CRAN - Package seqinr
Biological Sequences Retrieval and Analysis

CRAN - Package slam
Sparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices

CRAN - Package spatstat
Spatial Point Pattern analysis, model-fitting, simulation, tests

CRAN - Package spikeslab
Ishwaran and Rao's Spike and Slab

CRAN - Package survey
analysis of complex survey samples

CRAN - Package TGUICore
Teaching GUI - Core functionality

CRAN - Package TGUITeaching
Teaching GUI - prototype

CRAN - Package tclust
Robust Trimmed Clustering

CRAN - Package traitr
An interface for creating GUIs modeled in part after traits UI module for python

CRAN - Package trio
Processing and Simulating Genotype Data for Trio Logic Regression

CRAN - Package unmarked
Models for Data from Unmarked Animals

CRAN - Package vcdExtra
vcd additions

CRAN - Package vegdata
Functions to use vegetation databases (Turboveg) for vegetation analyses in R

CRAN - Package vrmlgen
Generate 3D visualizations for data exploration on the web

CRAN - Package waveband
Computes credible intervals for Bayesian wavelet shrinkage

CRAN - Package wavethresh
Wavelets statistics and transforms

CRAN - Package xlsx
Read, write, format Excel 2007 (xlsx) files

CRAN - Package YourCast